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  3. How do you know about body wave hair? Some people may say very well, others may respond with the opposite feedback. No matter what the answer is, we hope today’s blog will take you closer to body wave hair. Features of body wave hair Body wave is a kind of loose S-shaped wavy pattern. It’s welcomed by a lot of women as one of the best selling hair textures. Why it’s so attractive ? It’s inseparable from below three main features. 1. Naturalness Its naturalness will be analyzed on two sides. On one hand, body wave hair made of 100% human hair lace front wigs is unprocessed by any chemicals, hair is just like natural hair, healthy, bouncy and soft. On the other hand, its wavy pattern looks very natural but not too straight or too curled. 2. Less Shedding Body wave hair are collected according to natural hair growth low to make hair cuticle go towards the same direction. So it’s tangle-free and smooth enough to keep away from shedding. Moreover, without any chemical processing, hair quality could be kept as well as original, which contributes a lot to less shedding. 3. Versatility An invariable hairstyle may make you feel monotonous. In natural hair condition, body wave bundles or lace front wig could be good choices of allowing you to add hair wavy or volume and to straighten, curl, dye, or do other restyled hairstyles. How to maintain body wave curl pattern? Some people love its versatility that could meet women’s demand for variable styles, but others just prefer its original natural, elegant wavy pattern. However, sometimes they may find that the body wave looses its wave or even become straight after hair is washed, which is a common problem due to the characteristic of real hair wigs. Is there any way to bring its wavy pattern back? Supernova hair are going to tell you some tips. 1. After hair is washed, use a clean towel instead of a blow dryer to absorb the extra water on hair gently and let it dry naturally. 2. Waiting until hair is about 70% dry, use your finger to detangle hair and then smear some hair care oil on hair evenly. At the same time, you could roll hair. 3. Use mousse to define the wave. Apply mousse evenly to wavy pattern and meanwhile roll the hair to its curve direction. 4. Air-dry the hair completely. If you have to use the blow drier to accelerate the process, please note to add a diffuser that could evenly disperse the airflow and fix the curl pattern better. 5. If the above does not work well, you could regain the wavy pattern by using the curling wand or Flexi rods.Then use your finger to comb and style hair, and you will find curls have been maintained properly. 6. Do not forget to deep condition hair regularly to provide hair with nutrition, so that lace wigs will be bouncy and wave could be better kept. Types of body wave hair Separated and named based on the source of hair, there are three types of body wave hair available in Supernova hair website, Brazilian body wave hair,Peruvian body wave hair,Malaysian body wave hair. You could choose one as your preference. At this point, have you learned something new about body wave hair?Hope today’s blog could help answer some of your confusion for it. Or if you have other opinions, welcome to share with Supernova hair https://www.supernovahair.com/.
  4. Do you still use the regular comb for the expensive human hair wig? Do you still use the regular comb for the expensive human hair wigs? We began to lean why and how to comb hair gently after the wigs for black women is hair was pulled apart, but sometimes, the tools is more important. At least in the time, a correct comb is very important, firstly, it should be wide toothed comb, in this case, not only the hair wave could be keep longer, but also it will protect the hair from away shedding if there is a little tangle. As for gently combing hair, the reason is known by us, normally, the hair is sewed into lace order cap, the powerful combing will loosen the knots of hair roots on lace or cap even directly broken, finally, the lace front human hair wigs will be ruined. So please make sure that you get a right comb before combing hair. Selecting correct shampoo and conditioner for the wigs hair before you prepare to washing the hair. Normally, the nourishing kinds of shampoo and conditioner is suitable for mostly real hair wigs, the basic reason is the hair need large amount energy after the hair left original human body. Also, do not wear your cheap wigs to swim in sea or pool, the chlorine element will damage hair texture. Meanwhile, the hot water should be far away from the hair as well. Give the sleeping time to your wig as well when you would like to get to bed. Simply, please take off the wig if you would like to have a rest on bed, on one hand, the wig good shape could be kept if it is put on model head, on the another hand, it could avoid the hair tangled when you fall asleep. After all the human hair lace wigs just be a decoration for you, not your human body original source. So, please remember to take it off when you do not use it, especially sleeping on bed. Normally, the journey on the moon is be stared from little steps, so the beauty does.
  5. Oplevelser der ikke bliver glemt! ❤️
  6. Hanne82

    min lille hvalp

    Har du ikke et billede vi må se af din kønne hvalp ?
  7. Vi har købt CBD Olie til vores hund på https://cbdforum.dk , der er kvalitetstestet og efter 6 uger med daglig dosering 3 gange til vores hund, oplever vi en stor forandring i livsenergi og glæde generelt
  8. Rie

    min lille hvalp

    Har en hvalp på 4 måned. Er går tit på toilettet ca 2-3 gange om dagen men idag har han kun tisset og kun lavet stort om morgen. Er det normalt eller
  9. Tusen takk for den interessante bloggen som hjalp meg med å finne svar på spørsmålene mine. absolutt fortjener oppmerksomhet. Jeg vil gjerne dele denne informasjonen med vennene mine.Jeg vil også gi deg utmerket informasjon angående fotografering av kjæledyr. Jeg er sikker på at det for deg vil være veldig interessant og informativt
  10. Hej med jer Er der nogle herinde der har erfaringer med at handle hos Totteland.dk? Har kigget lidt rundt på deres side, og som udgangspunkt ser der ikke ud til at være noget i vejen for at skulle købe der. - Dog vil jeg gerne være helt sikker, så ville høre hvad jeres erfaringer er, hvis der altså er nogen der har nogle med denne webshop?
  11. Som de andre skriver - TRÆN din hund! Hvis den gør i haven, og bliver ved så tag den ind. Jeg tror ikke du får nogen hundefolk her til at foreslå et anti-gø-halsbånd uanset om det er med vand, strøm eller andet.... Hvordan vil du have at et halsbånd og din hund skal skelne mellem at "nu må jeg gø" og "nu må jeg ikke gø"?
  12. Dette er første gang jeg ser den samme race, som vi selv har. Kunne meget vel være vores hunds søster/bror som også har samme alder, og ligner på en prik:-)
  13. Have you ever wondered what to do with your hair? We've chosen these four face shapes as a guide. Before you can find the best hairstyle for yourself, you need to determine the shape of your face.The first is to tie your hair and take a picture to see which shape your face most resembles.Or you can measure your face to find its proportions by measuring the width of your eyebrows, cheekbones and jawline, and the length of your face from forehead to chin.This will help you determine which face type you belong to. Haircuts for Rectangle Faces Rectangular faces should be toned down with hair to soften the pointed chin and forehead, rather than elongating the face further.For example, soft layered clippings can mask the edges of the face.So you should pay attention to avoid long hair, if you really like long hair, you can try wavy hair or curly hair to soften the edges of the face.The lace front wigs below is perfect for ladies who like rectangular faces with long hair. Haircuts for Oval Faces If you have an oval face, you should consider yourself lucky. An oval face is perfect for all kinds of hairstyles.For oval faced women who like short hair, layered Bob looks especially chic.If you like long hair, then you can choose body wave or natural wave to flatter your face.Wear this human hair wigs, appear more nifty and lovely. Haircuts for Square Faces Square faces are characterized by a broad forehead, broad cheekbones and a strong jawline.So, if you have a square face, choose a hairstyle that softens these features.You may want to consider a side part of the hair, long and fluffy layers will also make you look better.Full and perfect for your face, lace front human hair wigs is a great choice. Haircuts for Heart Faces If you have a heart-shaped face, your bone structure will be characterized by a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin.Therefore, you should balance the face shape by reducing the width of the eyebrows and increasing the width of the lower half of the face.You can cover part of your forehead with a long side sweep, then pair it with weave hair or curls that start under your ears to accentuate your angular chin.You can also opt for a cropped crop or Bob on the side to give your chin a fuller look. What kind of face shape are you? Choose the right wigs according to your face shape.There's always one in Wiggins hair for you!
  14. 13×6 lace front wigs is relatively favored by the market lately, right? It’s an updated version of normal lace front wigs. And 370 wig is a new wig product released on 2019. For a beauty lover, the most important thing is choosing a suitable lace front wig for them. So what 370 lace wig is? What’s the difference between 13×6 lace wig and 370 lace wig? which one should I choose? Read the following. What is A 13×6 Lace Front Wig? The making method of a 13×6 lace front wig is half hand-tied lace and half wig cap. The 100% virgin hair is tied to the lace area and sewed to the wig cap. What is A 370 Lace Front Wig? The newly 370 lace wig is a combination of 13×6 lace front wig and 360 lace front wig, so the lace is in the perimeter. What are the Similarities? 1) The parting space in the front is the same Both the 13×6 lace wig and 370 wig are with 6 inch deep part in the front, it allows you part anywhere. 2) The maintaining method is the same Human hair lace front wigs are like our own hair, they both need to be treated carefully. The lifespan depends on the hair care tips we take. What are the Differences? 1) The lace size is different The lace size of 13×6 lace front wig is 13 by 6 inches, while coverage area of 370 lace front wig also has 2 inches in the back, with 360 degree natural looking hairline on you for a full sew in. 2) Hair density is different Although there are various hair densities to choose from but the same density may have a little bit difference owing to the parting size. For 13×6 lace wig, the parting section is smaller than 370 lace wig which allows more space for installation of human hair lace front wigs to make a fuller look and even for the same hair length and texture, it will appear to have more hair volume than 370 lace wig. 3) The lace color is different 13×6 lace front wigs can be processed with medium brown color lace and transparent lace. We only got medium brown lace for 370 lace front wigs. To shop for wig products, our site has launched a great promotion, click this link for available codes: https://www.wigginshair.com/wigginshair-coupon-code
  15. Femke


    Hey vi har nu 100% markiesjes hvalpe til salg hvis du kender nøgle mennesker det vil gerne en fantastiche hund så må i komtakte mig, vi er fra Holland og hvores markiesje er nu 2 år og har hvalpe.
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  17. Brian Bk

    Ekstra tekstikler

    Min datter har en ca 6 mdr gl. Hanhund, labrador og bordercollie plus staffordchire er i blodet. Det som jeg vil spørge om er at det mærkes som om der er 2ekstra tekstikler i pungen!, hvad kan det være..?
  18. Vi ønsker en hund der kan indgå i familien, ligge på sofaen når vi hygger, gå med når jeg går tur med barnevognen, lege i haven med børnene osv. Den vil stort set aldrig være alene hjemme. Og den vil kunne få masser af opmærksomhed og kærlighed Jeg har altid selv trænet mine hunde, så det vil nok blive det samme denne gang.
  19. Hvad kan i tilbyde en hund? Hvor meget tid kan i bruge på hunden?, hvor længe skal den være alene dagligt?, hvad vil i egentlig med hunden? Vil i gå til træning? hvad med pelspleje?
  20. Vi overvejer at få hund igen. Men er meget i tvivl om hvilken race vi skal have. Vi bor i parcelhus, men tæt på grønne områder, og vi har 2 små børn på 1 og 3. Umiddelbart tænker vi mindre end en labrador. Da der ikke altid er ekstrem meget energi med 2 små børn, så skal det nok ikke være en hund der kræver mange lange gå ture om dagen. Så en rolig familie hund. Men ikke en der bare ligger på sofaen, dagen lang. Og gerne en med godt med personlighed, ikke en hund man knap lægger mærke til er der. Jeg vil ikke have en cocker spaniel eller en cavalier king charles spaniel, da dem jeg har kendt, har været alt for kedelige til min smag. Så hvad vil i anbefale og hvorfor?
  21. Hej jeg har måtte aflive to hunde kort tid efter hinanden fordi de begge var syge på hver deres måde. Det er et år siden nu hvor jeg har forsøgt at holde mig kørende med mindre dyr i hjemmet. Men jeg må erkende at jeg er begyndt at savne en hunds kærlighed og nærvær ganske voldsomt. Det er nærmest en sorg for mig ikke at have hund da jeg også i forvejen er i en sorg-proces. Jeg er bare i tvivl om det er det rette grundlag? Hvad synes i? Skal man have det godt før man får hund?
  22. Prøv det på dig selv i cirka en uge alt i mens du bruger tiden på at træne med din hund - du ved positiv træning og ikke et eller andet lorte halsbånd med ubehageligheder som hunden ikke kan komme væk fra. Sådan et problem trænes hurtigt og bedst med positiv træning og massere af det og sådan et halsbånd er totalt spild af penge - men virker nok ganske fint hvis du vil have en hund der ser spøgelser (den aner jo ikke hvor straffen kommer fra ) og som er bange for et halsbånd i fremtiden. Der er mange gode træningsfilm på youtube og på facebook kan man vist få online hundetræning ved sannes hundecenter
  23. Jeg vil anbefale at du smider halsbåndet i skraldespanden - sådan et hører slet ikke hjemme på din hund!! Træn din hund til hvordan den skal opføre sig når den er i haven og hjælp den til at stoppe med at gø via en bestemt tone/ord
  24. Freja3300

    anti gø halsbånd

    Hej forum Jeg søger et anti gø halsbånd, Jeg har investeret i et fra reddiPet ( se billede ) nok fordi det var billigt og skulle teste det af da vores hund kan finde på at gø når den opholder sig i haven m.m. Jeg er klar over at hunden har sine regler og gerne må gø når der kommer nogen osv. men det er "bare" de gange hvor den bliver ved og ved og den egentlige grund til jeg skriver her er at det halsbånd som jeg har købt bruger batteriet MEGET HURTIGT ( og nej ikke fordi hunden gør meget, mere nok fordi det bruger strøm når det også er på "standby" ) så vil jeg høre om der er nogen der har erfaring med et som holder godt/ længe batteri ??? vh. Kent
  25. It is Easter Day! It is time to do something fun! Are you going to find your Easter eggs or buy yourself a gift to celebrate? We have a BIG SALE on Easter Day! Up to 51% OFF! You can input the code WIGGINS to get $5 OFF for any order! If you order $250 or more, you will get extra 5% OFF, just input code LOVE5! If you wanna try some new hair weave, today is the day! What are you waiting for? Wiggins hair No.1 Best sale: Loose deep wave Loose deep hair is very easy to maintain, because its loose curly pattern is very easy to manage. You don not need a lot of effort to take care of it. It looks very thick and full while being light of weight. Its beautiful appearance attracts attention of a lot of people, hence it has a growing popularity. Loose deep wave virgin hair sales the best on our site, therefore, we have an extra promotion for it! Just input code LOOSEDEEP when you are buying the loose deep hair, then you will get extra $8 OFF! The New Arrival 6*6 Lace Front Wig Have you bought lace front wig before? Which one do you like better? 13*4 or 4*4 lace front wig? If you are not satisfied with either of them, then, we have something new for you! Check out our new 6*6 human hair lace front wigs! They are pre plucked lace front wigs. In term of texture, we have two options for you to choose: straight wig and body wave wig. Want to try If you are tired with black hair, we also have a lot of different colors for you at Wiggins Hair. You can have color bundles, colored bundles with frontal or with closure, or you can also have lace front human hair wigs and full lace wig for different colors. For wigs, we have 613, 99J, red, blue, purple etc...9 options in total! For bundles, we have pink, Grey, blonde etc...14 options in total! If you still want other color, you can buy a 613 full lace wig and dye it yourself! Our hair takes color very well! In a word If you want a gift for Easter Day If you want to try a new lace front wig If you want to get some crazy color for festival Etc... Most importantly
  26. 360 lace human hair wigs is becoming more and more popular among users of Brazilian Hair products with its outstanding natural appearance and create style easily. Many women are new to human hair wigs and hair products, they are confused by the wide array of choices and different types of human hair wigs available in the market. This article will give you a detailed understanding of how to choose a suitable 360 human hair wig. 1. What Is 360 Lace Front Wig? For it's material, 360 lace human hair wigs are made of imported 100% virgin human hair, which has high quality and is very suitable for long term use. They can be washed, bleached, dyed, curled, straightened and restyled as your like and can last at least three months with good maintain. For it's made method, 360 lace Human Hair Wigs looks like a wig pre-sewed the 360 frontal & bundles. As a combination of the main advantages of full lace wigs and lace front wig, affordable prices and the ability to meet the demands of more hair style choices, If these are the conditions that attract you, this will be the best choice for you. 2.How To Choose A Suitable 360 Human Hair Wig? Consider the hairstyle 360 human hair wigs can be classified as silky straight, kinky straight, curly, wavy and etc according to hair pattern. You can choose a wig in any hair texture, by choosing your favorite texture, you can avoid spending more time and energy trying to change it. Before wearing your lace wigs for the first time, take it to your hairstylist and trim the bangs and sides to suit your face shape. Just choose it follow your heart! Consider the hair length Long, medium-long or short wig? Choose it according to your stature and your fancy. Long wavy Brazilian Hair Weave can provide a sexy and bold appearance and requires a little more maintenance at the same time. Long curly Brazilian 360 lace wig can provide a "shake-n-go" styles and can be easier to care for. Consider the hair color The color of the wig's hair will also have a significant impact on how well it suitable for you. Your natural skin tone will only dictate whether you should choose warm-toned or cool-toned wig colors. Advice for natural hair works well for wig selection, too. In this case, you need to take your natural coloration into consideration. Some women feel most comfortable selecting a wig that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own. If you plan on coloring a human hair wig, you can dye the wig at home our find your hairstylist do it
  27. To get a natural look, people wear human virgin hair. For convenience,people choose lace front wigs. Recently, the natural black can not meet peoples meet, and more and more people start to purchase blonde hair, So wiggins hair process the new wig- 613 6*6 lace closure wig The Blonde 6*6 lace closure wigs is made of 100% brazilian hair 6*6 lace closure and bundles. It has natural hairline, baby hair, and it is also preplucked, it looks very natural. The lace part is deep, you could do more styles. About the size, the wig has small size, medium size and large size. If you think the size is not fit your head, the wig also has adjustable strap, you could adjust the elastic net to right position. About the density, the lace wig has 130% density, 180% density or 250% density. If you do not know which one is right for you, you could choose 180% density, most of customers like 180% density. If you like thin wig, 130% density is good; If you prefer a thicker one, you could choose 250% density, it's really very full. Now try more styles, human hair, waiting for you ❤
  28. If you are a ‘freshman’ and decide to try some new hair style, there is one decision you have to make: human hair weave bundles or wig. It is really a hard thing because they seem like the same. Essentially, they are the same thing indeed, both of them can extend our hair length, and you can use them to make some hair style and try different hair wave and color. Then which one should you choose? And which one is more suitable for you? 1.For comfortable A.weaves You do not need to cut your hair, just need to braid your real hair and let some one help you to sew the weaves in your head! That’s all! It is so easy, right? When you finish it, the weaves just look like it is originally like that. If you are a sport girl, weaves is the best choice for you. Especially when summer is coming, hair bundles with closure can let you feel not so hot and allow your scalp to breathe better. But, If your barber’s technique is not good, it will hurt your natural hair and scalp, you will feel unconformable, or even make your natural hair shedding. B.Wigs: It’s easy to be wear, and easy to be take care of in daily life. If you choose weaves, maybe you should spend a whole afternoon in hair salon, but a real human hair wigs won’t use too much time, just need cut some lace and make baby hair, then you can do whatever you like. However, if you choose wig, there will be a little hot in the summer. You know, you need to wear a cap before wear the wig, there is a layer of lace inside of the wig. That’s means there are two things wrap your head. One good thing is that wig can protect your natural hair and scalp from UV damage. 2.For beautiful A.Weaves: Because it is sewedfrom your natural hair, it looks more natural and fit your head, people can’t distinguish which one is your natural hair, which one is not. And you do not need to worry about whether it will be fall off or not when you play on the beach or playground. B.Wigs: If you want, you can change the hair color or texture as you like everyday, without to go to the salon for taking several hour. 3.For Cost As you know, the wig is made of several hair bundles with a frontal or a closure, so it will take a little more money than weaves. The price of one bundle is around $35-$90, but, the price of a wig is around $70-$300. If you are in an ‘economic crisis’ now, I believe weave is you best choice if you can do the sew-in by yourselves. Conclusion Till now, have you clearly know how to choose a suitable hair? Weaves can help you save money and it looks naturally. Wigs can help you save time and if you want you can change your style every day. Asteria Hair Official Store Link: www.asteriahair.com
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