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  1. The Human Hair Wigs is best hung with a spherical stand if conditions permit. It can also be placed in a one-by-one cabinet or into a bag. Before putting the bag, straighten the wig and then put it in the bag. If it's a long bag, put the head first and then slide the wig upside down. Spray it with an anti-static wig softener when wearing to prevent frizz. Shake it and wear it. If the Lace Front Wigs is often worn, it can be cushioned in a hood with a higher support, and the hair can be combed into the original shape by hand or a wide-tooth comb. When combing, pay attention to combing from the hair ends first, then gradually upwards, taking care not to pull hard, because it will pull the hair into a small curl. If you don’t wear it often, place your hair in order, put a thick paper ball on the inside of the headgear, and put on a hairnet for packaging (when purchased, it is usually included in the packaging). Be careful not to over tighten the wig. Transform, then lay it flat in the box, pay attention to the size of the box to ensure that the wig will not be deformed. Other matters needing attention: 1. When the wig is shipped from the factory, there are basically 3 kinds of attached items. Plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and soft hair nets. Unless you sell wigs like me and fly around at home, please take it out Collect these 3 "treasures". 2. When taking off the wig, please pay attention to avoid messing up as much as possible. If it is a short Bob wigs, you can take a little care of your hand and put it on the soft hair net, and then install it in the original packaging. Pay attention to the soft hair net when you follow the wig, do not let the wig be messy inside. Otherwise, if you leave it for a long time, the next time you take out a layer of wig, the hair will flutter. If it is long hair (above 24inch), remember that when you don't wear special tools, don't take a comb in one hand and a wig in one hand, and then comb it in a mess. It is completely useless and easy to comb the wig. If you have long hair, collect the wig in the direction that the wig naturally hangs down, and then turn it around from the end of the hair for a few times.It is best to put the entire wig in the original packaging and return to the home for special care. 3. After returning home, short wigs and no used styling glue can be placed directly in the original packaging, but try not to be stung, even the best wigs will deform after a long time. Wigs below 24 inch including 24 inch only need be combed and reassembled. After using long hair above 24 inch, it depends on the situation. Find a place where the wig can be fixed and hang it, and then comb the wig. If you can straighten it out, you don't need to take special care. Where special care is needed. If you have only a little frizz at the end of the hair after combing, you can spray the wig care solution, and dry it. Alipearl Hair Official Store Link: www.alipearlhair.com
  2. Instead of the traditional Hair Bundles,Lace Wigs customization is one of the most fun ways to take advantage of wigs without damaging your natural hair. Lace front human hair wigs are especially popular for customization as you can bleach, color and manipulate the wig hair with heat and styling tools without worry. How To Make Your Real Hair Lace Front Wigs, of course,this method also could be used to 360 Lace Front Wig. Step 1: Place The Wig Place your lace wig on your mannequin head and make sure it is nice and secure with your T-Pins. Step 2: Pluck The Lace Plucking is the process of using a tweezer to pluck out excess hairs around the frontal to make it less bulky. Part the hair on your Cheap Lace Front Wigs in two sections and take your fave tweezers and start to pluck the hairline towards you in order to get a more natural look. Step 3: Apply Bleach Mixture Unless you've ordered a pre-bleached lace front, you're going to have to bleach the knots. Since each hair strand is hand tied into the lace base, there are visible knots at the end of each strand which look like little black dots along your lace. Bleaching your frontal masks the black knots, and makes your hairline look more natural. Take your bleach, developer, mixing bowl and mixing brush, and begin stirring the mixture until it reaches a pasty texture that isn't too loose Step 4: Bleach Knots On The Lace Turn your lace wig inside out and pin it down to your foam head and begin by bleaching the knots along the hairline. Put the shower cap on top and leave the bleach to lighten for 15 min. Then, wash out bleach with a neutralizing shampoo. Step 5: Protect The Wig Hair From Heat Damage Secure your wig onto your mannequin head with your t-pins. Use a dime sized amount of heat protection and disperse it throughout the hair. Step 6: Curl The Hair As You Like Separate the hair into different sections with your comb, and clip the excess hair out of your way using your alligator clips. Then take your wand curler and begin to curl different sections of the hair to your liking. Step 7: Create Natural Edges One of the main complaints from newbie lace front wig wearers is the unnatural hairline. No one's hairline is full from ear to ear, and it'll be the first indicator that you're wearing a wig. Adjust your lace front wig accordingly. Don't forget the baby hairs! For this step separate a small section of the hair from the hairline that you want to use as baby hairs. Use a razor to cut the hair down until the hair is at your desired baby hair length. How long you want them to be is really up to you, some even resort to not creating baby hairs at all. Using a wig head lay down the baby hairs as you would on your head using mousse. Asteria Hair Official Store Link: www.asteriahair.com
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