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  1. The reason women prefer Lace Wigs to other kinds of wigs is the fact that the hairline is less visible.Lace frontal closure are an expensive investment,to make them last a long time,its imperative to take care of them.Caring for your Lace Front Wigs properly ensures that it looks its best at all times and that it will last as long as possible. Do Know the difference between lace frontals and lace closures,not all hair care products are created equally. It's imperative to not only know what lace frontals and lace closures are but to also know the differences between the two because the care requirements will be different. Brush Carefully,While you should not comb your weave,you definitely want to be sure to brush it regularly to keep it looking its best. When brushing,start close to the roots and brush all the way to the tips every day. Be sure to be gentle around the frontal area,and always brush your Human Hair Lace Front Wigs to washing to reduce the number of tangles.Since the quality virgin hair used in this kind of frontal is a high quality. Always ensure that you brush the hair as thoroughly as possible with a paddle brush before you make any attempt to wash it. Before shampooing,use a form of pre-conditioning treatment,which will reduce the amount of drying that takes place. Don't Treat your lace frontals and lace closures like a real scalp,If there's one thing you should take away from this blog,let it be this tip! Lace frontals and lace closures are incredibly delicate and they need some specific TLC from time to time. You can't treat them like you would a real scalp. You need to proceed with caution. Never go to bed with a wet weave. This will encourage matting and lead to that musty smell. Wash your hair earlier in the day and leave to air dry.Explore styling methods that do not require heat because heat can zap shine from hair. If you like your hair curly,then use light and soft bendy rollers. These should be used to set your hair overnight and can be used on dry or damp hair not soaking wet hair to avoid matting and odors. Your lace front wigs come with many benefits that include the style and effortless elegance of its wear.However,you must be sure to provide your lace front closure 13X4 with the utmost care as an effective maintenance regimen is necessary to keep your unit in its best quality. Examine your wig unit and determine what you need to provide it with the best care possible to keep your hair looking its best day by day. WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
  2. Lace Wigs is hair extension where hair strands are tied in a beige or dark brown lace.If you want to get the human hair Front that looks best on you,you have to choose carefully the types and styles of the human hair Fronts.The right hair Front helps you hair look natural and charm.Lace Fronts are a few inches wide and they are applied where the hair would have been left to give a natural look on heads that have Lace Front Wigs on.The Front can be placed anywhere where the illusion of a part would like to be achieved be it at the center or side of the head's front. Specifically,lace Fronts are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair texture or your chosen hair extension texture.A lace Front is best used to cover thinning hair at the crown of your head or to hide the Human Hair Lace Front Wigs from applied hair extensions.The Front always gives your hairstyle a finished and polished look. Why Use Lace Front?By wearing a suitable hair lace Front,all the hair can be plaited beneath the beautiful weave or wig and hence the hair will be safe from breakage and other damage.The lace used on the Fronts is very thin and same color as the scalp and hence it looks natural.No one will be able to tell that you are wearing a wig or weave.For a more natural look,you can choose to bleach the area where the parting is so the knots attaching the hair to the lace are not visible. Lace Front Sew-In Weave,The lace Front sew-in weave is the best protective hairstyle for women who are transitioning from relaxers to their natural hair,or simply for women who have kinky natural hair and want to protect it during the cold season. Most lace Fronts are constructed with hair of the finest quality.Remy hair is considered good quality hair,where the cuticle prevents the hair from shedding and tangling.The best lace Front can usually be found for 3 hairline types,in 5 sizes,and with a side part,middle,or free part where you can part the hair where you choose. Choosing the right hair Front is a very important process that is often more complex than we thought it is.Virgin and remy human hair is the high-quality hair Front than others.Equally Fronts,frontals and 360 frontal Fronts can be sewn in,glued in or constructed onto a wig.Each hair piece is unique and offer its own advantages and disadvantages.However,they all provide you with the option to protect your very own natural hair and the ability to have versatility in your hair styling possibilities. WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
  3. Human hair Wigs are being worn for a variety of reasons,whether you are covering up hair loss or you"re just wanting to switch up your hairstyle often,wearing a Lace Wigs lets you change up your hair without having to harm it by using heat or harmful chemicals.We change our makeup daily,why not our hair?More and more women love wearing Lace Front Wigs,why? Why Should You Wear Human Hair Lace Wigs? Wearing a wig or human hair weave gives our natural hair a break from daily maintenance routines that may cause damage and weaken the hair such as heat,breakages,chemicals etc.Imagine having to blow dry your hair every day or sit under a drier every week just so that you don"t walk around looking like you are having a never-ending bad hair day.Such things do more harm than good to hair and that"s why we opt for weaves/wigs. In case of hair loss or damage,wearing wigs is a great way to protect the hair as it grows back or heals. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Are Easier to Style,While some synthetic wigs are rigid in appearance and feel firm to touch,a human hair wig is more versatile. The client will be able to get a human hair wig styled to their preference,and many are very easy to cut to shape. If they want more volume,they can get a layered style and a feminine look by having a shoulder-length wig. With a human hair wig,it can even be colored in a different shade. But wig wearers need to go easy on the color. Even with a wig,too much colorant can damage the hair. Protecting your natural hair.In line with protecting our natural hair,wigs and weaves give women room to play around with length,color,and texture without worrying about having to interfere with our natural hair. At times we just want a fresh new look and wigs/weaves help us achieve this. They Have Good Heat Resistance,Some synthetic wigs are not very heat-resistant,and if they get too close to a heat source or open flame,they can melt or permanently frizz. With a human hair wig,heated rollers,curling tongs and blow dryers can be used with no problem. This makes a human hair wig more versatile. They Tangle Less,A synthetic wig can tangle fairly easily,as the hairs are thicker than natural hair. When a human hair wig is made,the fineness of the hairs means it is less susceptible to tangling. Although this can and does occur at times,it is less frequent than with a synthetic wig. They Last Longer,Human hair wigs are more durable than the synthetic ones. Whereas a synthetic wig lasts around three to six months,wearers find a human hair wig looks good for several years. This makes human hair more cost effective when buying wigs. WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
  4. Lace Wigs or front lace wigs,as they are sometimes called,are a variation of Lace wigs.With so many different styles of wigs on the marketplace,picking a wig can be pretty confusing.There are lace front wigs,human hair wigs and several other wig-like hairpieces for women.They are extremely popular among our clients and among people who wear wigs in general.Lace Front Wigs can be classified by their mesh appearance that adds a greater realism to your wig. These wigs are extremely beneficial to have.Lace wigs are popular because they look exceedingly natural,and in most cases a bystander would be none the wiser that you have a wig on.However,this does not mean that you can treat it the same way you would your regular hair. What Is a Lace Front Wig? Human Hair Lace Front Wigs attempt to create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline.This illusion generally improves the natural appearance of the hair and allows the wearer to style the wig away from their face without revealing that the fact they're wearing a wig. Lace wigs come in different variations,there are lace caps,full lace,lace 360 and front lace wigs.A front lace wig refers to a wig that has sheer lace along the front portion of the wig that rests along the forehead and traces your natural hairline.The purpose of the lace is to give the wearer the appearance of a natural hairline.These wigs are highly popular because when worn properly,it appears as if it's your natural hair,and can be styled the same as your natural hair with various parts and ponytails. When not wearing your lace front wig,it's important that it is properly cared for to ensure it last as long as possible.Always keep your lace front wig out of direct sunlight when not being worn,this helps to prevent the color from fading.Also,make sure to store it in areas where little to no dust is present as well as away from areas of excess heat.Front lace wigs may be stored on a synthetic head,or in a satin sealable bag to help control frizz and tangles. How do you store front lace wigs? Taking proper care of your hair piece is an essential part of making sure that it continues to look amazing and beautiful,and one of the best ways to achieve this is to practice proper storage techniques.Lace front wigs are an investment and as such you want to make sure that they last you for a good amount of time and there is no better way to do that than by practicing proper storage methods.Synthetic wigs do have slightly different cleaning methods and styling methods,but they can be stored in the same manner.So there is no need to worry about the longevity and continued quality of your wig as long as you are storing it properly. WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
  5. The most frequently asked question about washing wigs is How Often Should I Wash My Lace Wigs ? The answer is, it depends on how often you wear it and what type of damage it incurs while wearing.If you wear your wig every day and use styling products, you should wash it at least once a week. Or, it only needs to be washed once every 5 to 10 wears.Lace Front Wigs do not need to be washed as often as your own hair, because too much washing does harm to your wig, but too less washing will cause hair tangling. For how to properly wash your wig, let’s start from some important tips. 1. Choose the right water temperature. People are confusing about the temperature of the water using to wash Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, because of the different opinions throughout the internet. Use cold water can better help you keep the style. If you want to loosen up the style, use hot water. But the recommended temperature is 77-86°F, as water above 86°F may deform the lace cap and make your wig lost the firmness of elasticity and cold water cannot melt the shampoo and conditioner as good as warm water. 2. Always using shampoo and conditioner. Using “damage-free” shampoo and conditioner. While applying shampoo, don’t apply it directly to the hair fiber, add the appropriate amount shampoo in the water while it’s filling up to get some good soapy bubbles.Apply hair conditioner on the mid-lengths to the ends, don’t place it too close to roots. 3. NEVER twist, tug, or pull on the hair when drying. 4. Use the cool air set instead of hot air. Or airing it on the balcony, Avoid the sun direct shine on the wig. Ten Steps to washing your human hair lace wigs. 1. Start it by filling a sink or basin with water. 2. Add the appropriate amount of wig shampoo in the water while it’s filling up to get some good soapy bubbles. 3. Dunk wig down in the water, make sure it is completely submerged. 4. Soak the hair for about 5 minutes, which can help the shampoo reach to the wig cap and clean it. 5. Lift the wig out of the sink let the dirty soapy water drains out of it. 6. Use clean water to rinse all of the shampoos out of the wig. 7. Apply hair conditioner from middle lengths to the ends, leave it for some minutes. 8. Rinse the conditioner out, skip it if you use a leave-in conditioner. 9. Use a dry towel to absorb the wig hair moisture, NO RUBBING. Squeeze out as much of the excess water as you can. 10. Use the cool air set of hair blower, NOT hot air. Or airing it on the balcony, remember to avoid the sun direct shine on the wig! WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
  6. Stylish, confident feeling and give you back to beauty, comfort and elegance. Various shapes of our face decides that there should be various hairstyle to suit us. There are short length, medium length hairstyles and longhair styles that will suit a variety of facial shapes. There are various textures of Lace Wigs, extension, and closures. It is a confusing issue to looking for the perfect hair textures that well blended with your natural hair. It is not easy to decide what kind of hair will suit your needs, and how to take care of it. Human hair 100% human hair has an clear natural appearance to it when compare with synthetic hair. This is a step up from synthetic hair. Lace Front Wigs is great because it adopts natural hair and can last for a long time (approx 6-8 months) with multiple installs, up to how well you take care of it. Human hair also has the versatility that synthetic hair doen not have. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs gives you the free range to style your weave exactly the way you want. Whether it's curled or straightened it will withstand the heat applied to it and just like natural hair you have the ability to dye it if you choose to. Remy hair Remy hair is amazing! Remy hair is versatile and natural and has similar qualities to human hair. Remy human hair is the most durable, long-lasting, and reliable hair and will maintain its natural movement and appearance from 6 months to over a year. It is also heat resident so applying various styles and dyes will not be an issue. Various styles like straight, curly and wavy are available. What is lace frontal? Lace frontal is a large hair piece than closure, usually made of a lace that is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter. Body wave lace front human hair wigs Why I like it? – The body wave is a fashion sultry style. It has plenty of class, attitude, and sheen. Remy Virgin Brazilian Body Wave hair is fabulous and doesn’t need a lot of styling. Body wave curly hair is a sure way to look effortlessly fabulous. Straight lace frontal human hair wigs Why I like it? - Straight, shiny and smooth hair has always been in trend as it looks good on any face type. Also, straight hair can be worn free flowing or styled in numerous ways. WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
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