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Word, it's unfortunate that activision hasn't


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Word, it's unfortunate that activision hasn't discovered the WOW TBC Gold goldmine. However, imo they haven't capitalized on it because a. J Allen Brack doesn't have much interest in classic b. their designers are ashamed of the fact that retail is worse than vanilla. Yet they continue to push their unwieldy methods to avoid losing their jobs. Bobby requires yachts as they don't have enough gms for monitoring a living world.

A lot of people want a traditional plus. The majority of people believe activision does not have the resources and capability to create an iconic plus. I don't see Activision investing 100s of millions of dollars for the classic plus. This basically means that everything buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold following vanilla was a waste. Management shouldn't take the L and admit they don't have the skills to create good decisions. They would employ Kevin Jordan in the event that they were clever.

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