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  1. Supernova Hair has new arrival wigs-long wig, up to 40 inches long. It's very beautiful. In the past, the longest size of our lace front wigs was 24 inches, but now the longest size can be 40 inches. It's really very long, and it's very popular with customers. Whether you want to go to a party, a wedding or a birthday celebration, it will add infinite beauty to you. You can also use it for various hairstyles. Lace is the best Swiss lace, with two colors, medium brown and transparent, and our lace is light bleached. No matter what color of skin you are, you can find the right lace color for yourself, which will be very fitting. And our long wig is 100% human hair wig s , it has natural hairline, baby hair, and it is also preplucked, it looks very natural. And we also have many textures for it, such as body wave, straight, loose deep wave and so on. If you take good care of our wig, it will last more than one year. There are many densities for you to choose, 130% density, 180% density or 250% density. Generally, 180% density is the most popular, with moderate density and favorable price. If you prefer a thicker one, kan Also choose our 250% density real hair wig s , it's really very full. But if you like a thinner wig, 130% density is good. There are three sizes of long wedge you can choose, small size, medium size and large size. If you have a big head, don't worry, our large size will satisfy you. Our long wig for black women also has adjustable straps, you can use it. If you buy our long wedge, we will also send you a black elastic belt, you can sew it on your own wedge. If you buy it now, you could use a code of LOVEWIG, it will save $ 6 for you! Don't hesitate to order!
  2. If you're stylish and know a lot about wigs, you must know about HD lace.We usually use Swiss lace in past : medium brown color lace and transparent lace.But recently,HD lace wigs for black women is becoming more and more popular. HD lace is a new kind of lace material,used to be called Swiss lace which is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into our skin more perfectly, which makes the hairline more invisible. And HD lace frontal is a lace frontal with HD lace.If you are a lace front wearer, you will love illusion lace frontal even more because the lace is see-through.When we use HD lace frontal to make human hair lace front wigs,the wig looks more real. At present, more and more hair lovers are chasing wigs and frontal with HD lace. It seems that some people say HD lace looks a bit like transparent lace.As a matter of fact,they are totally different,but what is the difference between HD lace and transparent lace wigs for sale As we mentioned above, HD lace is a new kind of lace material, but transparent lace is the normal lace with transparent color. We often recommend the transparent lace to light skin tone girls, but recently we found that transparent color lace can melt to any skin tone after we bleach the hair knots and glue down the hairline. But according to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace is still more thin, delicate and transparent than transparent normal lace hair weave.It can melt into our skin much better than transparent lace, which can make our hairline looks more natural and less visible. Although it has so many advantages, we also need to pay special attention when we use it.Because The lace is very thin, we need to handle it carefully.Which wig you'd prefer? HD Lace Wigs or Transparent Lace Wigs
  3. Wigs have been our protective style savior for years, they allow us to go from straight to wavy and back to natural without damaging our Lace Front Wigs. Supernova Hair online store, specializing in virgin human hair for every woman who deserves a beautiful look. You can always find the best alternatives with Supernova Hair. Even though the hair does grow from our scalp, we should take good care of the items. Because we sometimes have an issue of Human Hair Wigs Shedding with our wig. Though this is not very common. While caring for human hair wigs it is possible that we do make some mistakes The main causes for Wig Shedding are as listed here: 1. Combing and washing a wig roughly rather than with care or smoothly, better not brush wet 2. Using a wig brush to comb the wig from root to tip rather than doing it tip to root. 3. Applying extremely oily or greasy hair care products to the hair. Scratching your head while wearing a lace front human hair wigs rather than tapping your head. 4. Excessive heat causes damage the wig hair and cause shedding. Blowing dry the hair with a high setting may cause knots to be damaged. And do not washing the wig with extremely hot water. 5. Friction can cause breakage and even shedding when sleeping with real hair wigs. It is a good idea to braid up the hair or do a silk wrap on the hair. Supernova Hair also prepared you the silk wraps for girls may need them. 6. Bleaching or dyeing the hair with inappropriate products. We recommend working with 20 to 30 volume and avoid using the products with harsh chemical components that can damage the hair and the knots. Doing bleach and hair coloring under professional guidance. Supernova Hair hope girls will have a happy experience with the wigs and other products. If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.
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