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Dr. Wachtels 7 bud om hundeavl


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1: Inbreeding including incest, line and back breeding, popular sire breeding and exaggerated elite breeding are depleting the breeds genetic heritage, I call them "close breeding methods " though habitually this term is used for incest matings (an euphemism).


2: As these methods increase the genetic defect risk they can be seen as a kind of animal experiment that should be reserved for scientific institutions and are only acceptable for an important purpose. They are not justified by the slightly better chance to produce a champion.


3: All breed clubs used to solemnly state that their breed's health was their first and foremost concern. This lacks credibility as long as the above cited methods are not strictly banned in their code of ethics. Dog breeding should not be gambling with canine health. Even a breed's absolute purity, while rightly being a sacred principle, must be secondary in a genetic emergency situation.


4: Inbreeding was once a valuable tool in shaping today's breeds. As these have now reached a high degree of homogeneity it has lost its importance and turned into a fatal and disastrous habit.


5: In order to enjoy a life worth of living, dogs have the right to be provided with an adequate genetic diversity outfit, just as much as to good care, feeding, and freedom from abusive treatment.


6: The very helpful discovery of genetic markers permitting the identification of carriers of specific genetic diseases should not be considered a warrant to continue in the old way as they will not cure the deterioration of the gene pool caused by the above practices.


7: Incest matings are an abomination in dog breeding too, not for any moral reasons but for the disastrous consequences. overwhelming practical and scientific evidence, close breeding is abusive breeding. Overwhelming practical and scientific evidence HAS SHOWN THAT close breeding is abusive breeding, Highly inbred progeny is "genetically mutilated."


(fra: http://www.workingdogs.com/doc0192.htm )


Helmuth Wachtel (f. 1925) er en østrigsk forsker, der bl.a har holdt foredrag om genetik i Danmark. Han var aktiv i den østrigske kennelklub.

Ovenstående er skrevet for mange år siden, så der er ingen undskyldning for ikke at have vidst det.

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