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Hvorfor mon nogle folk har glemt disse sandheder igen? :hmm:


of all the larger breeds the Great Dane is the most suitable as a house dog, especially if he always lives indoors and has to act as guard and companion as well as pet. His smooth, sleek, short coat is so easy to keep clean and free from "doggy" smells. He is, as a rule (if properly trained and not treated as a savage brute), most docile and good-tempered, and easily taught anything;


It is extraordinary how such a huge animal may be kept in quite a small house, curling himself up, as he does, in a corner, and not always being on the fidget like a smaller animal. One often hears remarks from people that they have no room for a Great Dane; but those who have tried know well how little room they really take up. When always kept indoors they become wonderfully gentle, and learn to move about without doing any damage.


No Great Dane bitch should be allowed to rear more than five or six puppies to do them really well. It is unnecessary to destroy the others, as there are always plenty of foster-mothers advertised in the doggy papers, and this method is invariably successful if the foster-mother is taken out of sight and hearing while the puppies are changed. The puppies should all be left together for half an hour while the foster is away, and then all the foster-puppies should be removed where the mother can neither smell nor hear them, and with a little patience and watchfulness for an hour or two there is little fear of any mishap occurring.


The training of a Great Dane as a companion requires great care. He should be handled firmly, but as gently as possible. A puppy ought never to be thrashed, even under the most provoking circumstances. Its skin is very tender, and one or two cuts with a thin switchy stick are quite enough. Violent beatings will make a Great Dane grow up a cowed, slinking, cringing creature, without any of the fire and spirit that he should possess, or he will be bad-tempered, sullen, and savage, and his character quite spoilt.

Chapter V. The Great Dane

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